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Tasting note:

On the nose you will appreciate notes of a very aromatic green fruity.

In the mouth it will be very smooth, sweet, fresh and homogeneous, with a slight bitterness and spiciness, with aromas of fresh grass, tomato plant, apple, banana and lloza (green almond).

You will find a lingering aftertaste.

You will see that it is a very balanced, complex and fragrant EVOO.


Recommended use :

It will be delicious with toasted bread for breakfast or to dip with bread. It is a very good companion in any dish as it enhances the flavors of other foods. Ideal for seasoning ham and jerky, all kinds of meat, fish, pasta and salads. In desserts it acts as an excellent companion with chocolate and yogurt.

doce+uno extreme climate EVOO bottle 250 ml

VAT Included
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