100% organic Manzanilla Cacereña variety


Made in the first week of October, 19 kilos of olives are necessary to obtain 1 liter of this EVOO. After a field selection of the best fruits, cold and with the latest technology, it is made in less than 7 hours from its collection to preserve all its nutritional properties and aromas.


Tasting note:

Medium fruitiness of green olives, grass and green leaves, with notes of green banana peel, apple and tomato. Sweet on the palate, medium bitter and spicy, complex, balanced and harmonious in all its organoleptic characteristics.


Acidity: 0.1


Recommended use:

Especially consume it raw. Accompanying fish, carpaccios, vegetables and fresh vegetables, cod and smoked salads, baked and steamed dishes.

AOVE Ecológico DOP "Gata-Hurdes"

VAT Included