100% Manzanilla Cacereña variety


It comes from our own olive groves, which gives us absolute control over production. After a field selection of the best fruits, cold and with the latest technology, it is made in less than 7 hours from its collection to preserve all its nutritional properties and aromas.


Tasting note:

Fruity of medium intensity of green olives, grass and green leaves, with notes of green banana, apple and tomato. On the palate sweet and enveloping, with a balanced and elegant relationship between bitter and spicy. Harmonic and with a long-lasting and pleasant persistence.


Acidity: < 0.2


Recommended use:

For stews of fish, meat, vegetables and fresh vegetables, cod and smoked salads, baked and steamed dishes. Also for confectionery and mayonnaise.

AOVE DOP "Gata-Hurdes"

VAT Included